Waters and Mirrors

“I plunge in myself, so I can spring from myself.”
G.Bachelard, L’Eau et les rêves – 1942

Abundant streams and springs create manifold images, inviting us to an intoxicating dive.
Águas e Espelhos was developed as part of an artistic residency in Bussaco forest, promoted by Aderno Cultural Association.

Water Mirrors (2022)
16mm transferred to 2k, 4:3, Colour, Sound, 8′

Direction/ Cinematography/ Camera/ Sound/ Editing/ Production
Mariana Caló e Francisco Queimadela

Sound Mastering
Luís Henrique Silveira

Film processing
CineLab Romania

Fundação Mata do Bussaco
Aderno – Associação Cultural

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